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Domain Industry Rewind

Take a quick, 60-second gander down memory lane by watching the video on the right.

Snippets from several conferences over the course of a few years highlight key players and events in the domain name industry.

TRAFFIC Down Under enjoyed by all

Everyone we spoke with who attended the Traffic Down Under Conference said it was one of the most enjoyable TRAFFIC conferences to date.

It was at that TRAFFIC conference where it was announced that Rick Latona would be organizing and running TRAFFIC conferences, the first of which was held in Amsterdam.

TRAFFIC Conference sites change

The forum hosted by Rick Schwartz, producer of the Targeted TRAFFIC conferences, has apparently gone offline in favor of a smaller private board at a different web address.

About the same time, the conference website (as opposed to the forum) has recently undergone a design upgrade.

10th Traffic Coverage : Las Vegas

Domainer TV was in Las Vegas attending the 10th TRAFFIC Conference, TRAFFIC West 2008, and got behind the scenes at some of the social settings surrounding the conference, including highly anticipated BIDO launch party at the exclusive TAO nightclub, and the TrafficZ party at the Voodoo Lounge atop the Rio Resort.

The most recent interview published has Sevan Derderian talking with Jay Westerdal at the TrafficZ party at the Voodoo Lounge atop the Rio Resort during the TRAFFIC West 2008 Conference. In Domainer TV's interview, Jay gives an exclusive heads-up on some upcoming changes ahead.

Additional recent interviews published may be viewed by clicking on the corresponding menu items under PRIOR COVERAGE.

How is the domain name industry viewed by those outside the industry?

The domain name industry is getting noticed. A lot of the press isn't that flattering, and may be responsible for the general public viewing those within this industry in a negative light.

The web is moving quickly to video, and just as top print publications have covered the industry, there will be an increasing frequency of domainers exposed publicly in videos.

As HD video is integrated with the web, one of Domainer TV's goals is - through a series of shows and interviews - to help the world learn about the people and companies of this industry, as only those from within it can. In a positive light. The people. The events. The stories. And not just the trailblazing individuals and companies that've been featured in mainstream press, but the ever-increasing number of focused investors and developers who help make up the heart and soul of a newly forming industry.

As development escalates in the industry

As the industry matures, more and more companies within the space will embrace hi-def video on their developed sites, or use professionally produced videos to advertise their products and services. Domainer TV production can help with targeted, co-branded videos.

Although select videos are viewable now, Domainer TV and the four Domainer TV series have tentative full launches scheduled throughout this year, with soft launches occurring continually.

For the past two years, as executive producer and co-director for two weekly televisions shows on the regional FOX channel in the Myrtle Beach/Florence SC area, Marcia Lynn dedicated segments of each show to educating viewers about domain names and direct navigation traffic.